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A Real Community Bank

203 East Walnut
P.O. Box 128
Okawville, IL 62271
Phone: (618) 243-5291
Fax: (618) 243-5500

Emergency Numbers:
For lost or stolen debit/ATM cards after banking hours:


Your personal information is FIRST with us at First National Bank of Okawville. The privacy of communications between you (your browser) and our servers is ensured via encryption. Encryption scrambles messages exchanged between your browser and our online banking server. We also have a strong firewall on our computers that protects you from unauthorized entry. We provide a timeout feature that will automatically log you out after an extended period of time of inactivity.

How Encryption Works

  • When visiting FirstNet at the sign-on page, your browser establishes a secure session with our server.
  • The secure session is established using a protocol called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Encryption. This protocol requires the exchange of what are called public and private keys.
  • Keys are random numbers chosen for that session and are only known between your browser and our server. Once keys are exchanged, your browser will use the numbers to scramble (encrypt) the messages sent between your browser and our server.
  • Both sides require the keys because they need to descramble (decrypt) messages received. The SSL protocol assures privacy, but also ensures no other website can "impersonate" our website, nor alter information sent.
  • To learn whether your browser is in secure mode, look for the secured lock symbol at the bottom of your browser window.

Encryption Level

The numbers used as encryption keys are similar to combination locks. The strength of encryption is based on the number of possible combinations a lock can have. The more possible combinations, the less likely someone could guess the combination to decrypt the message.

For your protection, our servers require the browser to connect at 128-bit encryption (versus the less-secure 40-bit encryption). Users will be unable to access online banking functions at lesser encryption levels. This may require some end users to upgrade their browser to the stronger encryption level.


It is important to verify that only authorized persons log into online banking. This is achieved by verifying your password. When you submit your password, it is compared with the password we have stored in our secure data center.

We allow you to enter your password incorrectly a limited number of times; too many incorrect passwords will result in the locking of your online banking account until you call us to reinitialize the account. We monitor and record "bad-login" attempts to detect any suspicious activity (i.e. someone trying to guess your password).

When you log in at a computer that you have never accessed FirstNet on before (ie: while on vacation) you will be asked to answer one or more of your security questions.


You play a crucial role in preventing others from logging on to your account. Here are several security techniques we encourage you to implement when you use FirstNet.

  • Never use easy-to-guess passwords. Examples:
    The word - password
    Birth dates
    First names
    Pet names
    Phone numbers
    Social Security numbers
  • Never reveal your password to anyone or leave your password anywhere that someone else can obtain and use it. (NO employee from the bank will ever ask for your password!)
  • Install virus protection software on your computer and delete emails with attachments from unknown sources.
  • Use the EXIT button to end each Internet banking session. Do not use the back button to exit the site.
  • Balance your account on a regular basis. Internet Banking makes it easy.
  • REMEMBER - We will never send you an e-mail asking for personal information about you.

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